Dining out can be difficult for those trying to eat health and/or stick to a diet.  Don’t worry just because you are trying to eat healthy does not mean you have to stop going out to eat lunch during your busy work day, or while taking the family out for a stress free meal.  Dothan, AL like other cities has good and bad places to eat. Remember fried foods are bad and grilled foods are better.  Do not be afraid to ask how the food is prepared if the menu does not provide details. When going out to eat it will be more healthy and easier on the wallet to drink water rather than soft drinks or sweet t


Reader’s Digest posted a useful article “Eat Smart When Dining Out: 20 Tips”. Click Here for the full article.


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  1. I stopped drinking Dr Peppers about 2 months ago and started drinking water in it’s place. Since the change I have dropped about 15 pounds. Even little things like what you drink can have adverse effects on your weight.



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