Proper Nutrition
We all know that an effective weight-loss plan is based on a proper diet and regular exercise. Healthy and balanced eating is the best diet of all. To achieve and maintain a healthy weight, we need to build healthy eating habits and make smarter food choices…

Health and Fitness
When on a weight loss plan or to improve general health, regular exercising is essential. Exercise is one of the best ways to naturally burn excess body fat. The human body responds adequately to gradual changes, therefore to lose weight you have to make slow changes at first. Be persistent and you will advance for harder exercises to improve your strength and health.

Diet Pills
When considering diet pills use extreme caution because of the negative effects on the body. With 60% of Americans considered to be overweight, fad diets and trends have become increasingly popular, especially, diet pills. What most people don’t know is that losing weight is a lifestyle change. Losing weight is literally changing your life to healthy eating and exercise. However, most people want quick fixes and immediate results, which won’t give you lasting weight loss and is incredibly unhealthy.

There are many diet pills to choose from when browsing the aisles of the drug store, but what most people don’t know is that there are no rules that the potential side effects must be posted. So you might be under the assumption that these pills are good for your and can give you your desired weight loss with no side effects.

There is only one diet pill that is approved by the FDA (Xenical) and even that is under going investigation for possible liver damage.

Diet pills can be divided by two functions:

Appetite Suppressants: trick your body into thinking it is full by decreasing brain chemicals that affect mood and appetite.
Fat Absorption Inhibitors: prevent your body from absorbing and breaking down fat. The fat is then eliminated in bowel movement.
And these drugs are then categorized into three available options:

Prescription diet pills – These diet aids are only available with a prescription for a physician, and that physician usually closely monitors their use.
Over-the-counter diet pills – A prescription is not needed to purchase these, and they are widely available at drug stores, supermarkets, and discount stores.
Herbal diet pills – Often labeled “all natural”, the FDA considers these types of diet pills a food, rather than a drug. Therefore, there regulation is different and seemingly more lax that prescription diet pills.
Most diet pills are intended for short use of less than six months, in addition to healthy eating and exercise. Using diet pills longer than their recommended time can cause addiction and even more weight gain. Besides addiction, diet pills come with a lot of nasty side effects such as:

Some fat-blocking diet pills can cause painful gas and diarrhea
Some appetite suppressants contain stimulants (such as caffeine or ephedrine), which elevate the heart rate and blood pressure. This can increase the risk for heart attack or heart disease.
Herbal remedies, can have various side effects (depending on the ingredients) similar to synthetic diet pills
Certain brands of diet pills such as Hydroxycut, TrimSpa, and any drug containing ephedra can cause a multitude of symptoms ranging from:

Liver Disease (Hydroxycut)
Seizures (Hydroxycut)
High blood pressure (Hydroxycut)
Anxiety (TrimSpa)
Diabetes (TrimSpa)
Cardiovascular Diease (Ephedra)
Death (Ephedra)
The risk of diet pills just isn’t worth it. If you give yourself reasonable goals, time, and patience you’ll be able to achieve your weight loss dream in a healthy way. Unless prescribed by a doctor, stay away from diet pills. Eat healthy and exercise daily, your body will thank you.


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Want to run faster? Want to run the trail? How about just off the couch to your first 5k? Running Camp with Dana Cody coming soon! Email us with your suggested times and questions!

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I started out my weight loss journey many years ago. Unfortunatley, I was all about the instant gratification. I did the low carb, the no carb, Weight Watchers, every other diet on TV, every diet pill under the sun, and even stopped eating for long periods at a time. Was I able to lose weight? Yes, I was. Did I lose some of my hair? Yes, I did. Did the weight come right back on when I started eating normal? Yes, it did. At this point I was back to square one, only this time with less hair, and a less healthy body. I did this several times over before I realized that it was a never ending battle. I was left with the choice: Live the rest of my life not being able to enjoy eating like a normal person and hating my body, and sleeping fully clothed, or get real and work hard to be the person I wanted to be. I was always the person with the pretty face, but a body I was ashamed of. It didn’t matter if I was 240 pounds, or 140 pounds, I was never happy with the way I looked. One day I realized that I wasn’t getting any younger. I had never experienced being the total package that included the nice body. I wasn’t going to let life pass me by without having the chance to experience that. I knew that every day that passed by my chances of getting into shape were less and less. The older that I was, the harder it would be. I had this discussion with a co-worker and she told me about the trainer that she used. I was so very out of shape, and afraid to show that out in public, but I was so desperate for a change that I decided to try it. I went for my first visit the very next day. I immediately knew I had made the right choice. I was greeted by a gentleman who made me feel at home right away. Joel knew right after hearing a little bit about me how much I had struggled and he assured me that if I was willing to give it my all and change my life I would get the results I needed. He didn’t let me down. It was best example of motivation with a smile I have ever seen. He was able to make me push myself to the limit for myself, not just because he was standing there. The rest of the clients all help make sure you are going as hard as you can, and you are always greeted with a smile. I look forward to seeing each of them on a regular basis, and watching them progress and reach their goals right along with me. I have now lost 28 pounds, my endurance has quadrupled, and I am in the best shape of my life. This has been the best money I have ever spent in my life. You can’t put a price on the confidence I have now. . I have now lost all of the weight that I needed to, and have shifted to focus more on weight training. I have a way to go still to get that perfect body, but with my Xtreme family behind me, I have no doubt I will make it to the finish line.



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Look for the new personal trainers featured in Aprils issue of Dothan Magazine!


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Tiffany Thornton, before she began Boot Camp

Tiffany has lost over 60 pounds since she began Boot Camp

Tiffany’s Story

My journey isn’t anything special…but it’s mine.  So I guess I will just start at the beginning.  I literally awoke one morning, looked at myself in the mirror and said, “I am tired of being FAT.”  Yes, I said it.  “FAT”!!!  I have always been overweight as long as I can remember, but there comes a time when you have to change your life.

Reasons to Start

Around this same time, I had started to have issues with my blood pressure.  It was out of control, numbers were off the charts!!!  I could have had a stroke at any time.  I began to think of my own mortality, the future of my two young boys, ages 6 and 9.  I knew I had to do something…I just didn’t know how to start something.

A Great Gift

It was around the holidays, and my bosses purchased me a gift.  To date, it has been the best gift anyone could have given me.  It was a month of Boot Camp at Xtreme Health and Fitness with personal trainer/owner Joel Capra.  I found myself surrounded by a group of the most Encouraging! Motivational! Positive! people I have ever met!!  What I love most about Boot Camp is the fact that no matter what size, goal, race, religion…we are all there for the same reason!!! “To be the fittest and healthiest we can all be!!!”  I love it.  You are encouraged to move at your own pace at Boot Camp, and it’s an awesome environment!!  My biggest challenge has been with my diet; I struggle everyday with it.  What to eat, how much to eat, what’s healthy, what’s not??  Joel helps to educate you on diet and exercise on a weekly basis.  Each person in Boot Camp is treated as an individual, and he helps you to find what works for you.  I found that exercise, lots of water, lots of high protein foods, and a clean diet 95 percent of the time is what works for me.

Real Success

I will be honest…this hasn’t been easy, but the struggles I have are worth every pound lost.  I have lost over 60 pounds!!  And proud to say I am no longer on blood pressure meds.  Doing it the right way Works!!  No pills, no shakes, no surgery!!!  Hard work pays off at Xtreme!!!  My journey is far from done, but my dream is to continue it.  I want to motivate and inspire others that want to do the same.  Just know that if “I can do it, anyone can!!!”  Also, having a plan and a great trainer doesn’t hurt either.

To sign up for Boot Camp classes, contact Joel Capra at Xtreme Health and Fitness.


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Mary Anna Davis practices a shoulder exercise at Xtreme Health and Fitness gym in Dothan, Alabama

When I first met Joel Capra, personal trainer and owner of Xtreme Health and Fitness gym in Dothan, Alabama, I would have been hard pressed to tell you the difference between a dumbbell and a kettle bell, much less what to do with either of them.  What I did know, however, was that I needed some help with strength training, and that Joel Capra, also known throughout the Wiregrass for his popular Boot Camp classes, would be able to provide me with a personalized fitness program enabling me to meet my specific goals.


Recently named “2011 Best Personal Trainer in the Wiregrass,” Joel is definitely results-oriented.  In fact, his first question to me as I shook his hand at our initial meeting was, “What do you want to gain from a fitness program?  Tell me your personal needs and goals.”  I knew then that I had come to the right gym.  Joel listened intently to my story of struggling with the simplest tasks due to chronic inflammation in my shoulders.  Diagnosed with an auto-immune disease in 1998, I had experienced joint pain and relentless fatigue that often limited my day-to-day functioning.  Bringing in the groceries from the car, for instance, was problematic at times.

A Plan with a Purpose

In addition to evaluating my fitness level, Joel spent time educating me about the importance of nutrition and tailoring a meal plan that would support my work at the gym.  As for my shoulders, we took things one step at a time.  At first, we identified exercises that gently increased my range of motion, as well as exercises to avoid.  Gradually, my workouts progressed from including exercises that merely involved my shoulders to exercises designed specifically for strengthening my shoulders.

Measuring Success

So just what do people mean when they say they want “results?”  Some may want to boost their fitness with a new cross-training activity such as Boot Camp.  Others may want to lose enough weight to fit into their favorite pair of skinny jeans.  In my case, I was not interested in winning a weight-lifting competition or charting the circumference of my bicep.  I simply wanted to improve my daily functioning.

I am thrilled to report that today I am now able to lift the laundry detergent onto the shelf above the washing machine with one hand and without any pain in my shoulder.  I no longer re-arrange groceries before lifting the bags out of the trunk.  If I need to drain that huge pot of pasta while preparing dinner, I can carry it to the sink without batting an eye.  When my two-year-old niece approaches me, I no longer think twice before scooping her up into my arms for a hug.

As for the fact that I am sleeping better, have more energy, have lost a few pounds, and actually noticed some muscle definition…well, let’s just say that’s the icing on the cake.  I have made some new friends by joining Joel’s famous Boot Camp class two nights a week and, I even know what to do with that kettle bell.

Invest in Yourself

So be courageous and take that first step toward a fitness goal of your own.  One small lifestyle change can have a huge impact on your health and outlook on life.  You don’t have to be able to run a marathon or even be able to do a single push-up to begin your journey at Xtreme Health and Fitness in Dothan.  All you need is the desire to make a change.

Sign up today for a month of Boot Camp, or contact Joel Capra for some personal training sessions.  Whatever your age, current fitness level, or goals, Xtreme Health and Fitness can help you get the results you are looking for.  But consider yourself warned:  the results you achieve may change your life.

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Xtreme Health and Fitness would like to thank all service men and women serving to protect our great country. Fort Rucker is not far from our gym and Boot Camp Studio in Dothan, AL.  We would like to offer a military discount to all active military personal stationed at Fort Rucker.  If you would like to come train be sure to CONTACT US for pricing.

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Over the past year Xtreme Health and Fitness has received a number of accolades from the media and clients.  We work very hard to provide our clients the best possible service.  The Dothan Eagle recently did a feature story on our Boot Camp style workouts.  The story features the above video as well a great written article.  Check it out here. XTREME HEALTH AND FITNESS / DOTHAN EAGLE.

If you would like more information on Xtreme Health and Fitness located in Dothan, AL be sure to CONTACT US today for more details.


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Xtreme Health and Fitness has been advertising in Dothan Magazine for about one year.  Be sure to be on the lookout for articles about our gym and ads for any special offers.  You can check out Dothan Magazine by picking up a copy at a local newsstand or by visiting them online.

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Dining out can be difficult for those trying to eat health and/or stick to a diet.  Don’t worry just because you are trying to eat healthy does not mean you have to stop going out to eat lunch during your busy work day, or while taking the family out for a stress free meal.  Dothan, AL like other cities has good and bad places to eat. Remember fried foods are bad and grilled foods are better.  Do not be afraid to ask how the food is prepared if the menu does not provide details. When going out to eat it will be more healthy and easier on the wallet to drink water rather than soft drinks or sweet t


Reader’s Digest posted a useful article “Eat Smart When Dining Out: 20 Tips”. Click Here for the full article.


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